Maldon Festival Souvenir Programmes for Free This Year

Maldon Festival Programmes

The Maldon Festival has always been a non-profit organisation.  Any money earned from the festival after the bills are paid is put straight back into the pot for next year.  As such, we try to keep our events as affordable as possible.  As part of this initiative, we have always wanted to make our souvenir programmes free to our patrons.  This year for the first time, we feel we are in a position to do so.  Not only that, but this year’s programme will also be in a larger A4 format rather than the B4 size used previously.

We’re treating it as an experiment for now.  As you can understand, they cost money to make, which in past years, has been paid for, in part by festival goers and also by local businesses who advertise within the programme. This year we’re trying a purely advertisement funding based model.  If it’s a success we’ll carry the tradition on.

If you run a local business and would like to advertise to potentially thousands of readers, please see our details of how to advertise.